A compilation of presentations, reports and articles by Logos Environmental.



GM camelina field trial, UK – letter of objection      Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32  PDF

This submission by GM Freeze and twenty other organisations to UK Defra (21st March 2016) details reasons why the GM camelina field trial should not be given consent.



This article on the Beyond GM site (26th February 2016) looks at the promises of gene-editing, and whether it’s really needed in agriculture.


This GMWatch (20th January 2016) article explains what is considered a GMO in response to articles suggesting we don’t know what a GMO is!


This article in The Ecologist (13th January 2016) explains that gene-edited organisms clearly fall within the definition of GMOs in both European and international law. They also present real risks to the environment and human health – and must be regulated like any other GMOs.



This presentation, given of behalf of the Greenpeace EU Unit to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)  at a “Roundtable with environmental and health non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and advocacy groups” (21st June 2016) on new breeding techniques, considers technical questions regarding the definition of GMOs and the nature of genetic material.